Your life needs a strategy.

Facing a difficult decision ahead? Life and career goals clashing? Our analytical process will help you have the confidence to make your best decisions.

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What is voQuestt?

voQuestt offers something uniquely useful:

A rigorous analytical process to articulate your goals, consider your options, and make confident, forward-looking decisions.

voQuestt’s proprietary process will guide you as you build your own personal path to value.

voQuestt’s proprietary process will guide you as you build your own personal path to value.

Derived from proven strategy models and research in psychology and leadership, voQuestt’s tools and bespoke solutions help you see a clearer future!

Personalized potential.

You personalize the process based on your life choices, priorities, and patterns. Let us help you analyze your patterns then teach you how to compromise where necessary, optimize your resources and realize your potential.

Proven analytical process.

Not subjective advice.

voQuestt provides clear, research-supported tools and guidance to help you with your most important career and life decisions. Our proprietary process is the first tool designed to unpack your life’s patterns and guide you to define your personal path to value.

Join us for 12 weeks of interactive workshops and personalized coaching. You’ll leave with clarity about your life choices and confidence about future decision-making. Where you go from there, well, that’s up to you!

Too much career advice targets high-paying careers or risky startups while ignoring:


The timeline which includes career, family and recreational priorities specific to you.


The criteria you use to make choices.



The resources and skills you have or can harness.

voQuestt’s clear, research-supported products lead you to informed decision making and educated tradeoffs.

What are people saying about voQuestt?


Here’s real feedback on how voQuestt has helped others cross the chasm of unknowns in their life by providing the bricks that build their personal path to value.

Dr. Gorman has so many real world examples from her professional experience and research, which really helps teach lessons about strategic leadership.

Cornell W.

Trish was fantastic. I loved the material and her style of teaching.

Odis H.

Learning exercises force you to actually practice the concepts. Very valuable.


Who is voQuestt?

Dr. Patricia Gorman, Co-Founder

With New York blood in her veins, speed ranks as Trish’s #1 choice criteria. Impact is #2. Her accomplishments in industry and academics over the past 25 years cannot be understated. Now, she’s put together a team that brings her intellectual property to life to reach far more than she can on her own— exponentially increasing the impact of her thought leadership that already spans the globe.

EP Kellam, Co-Founder

EP grew up in the midwest and had always planned to ‘climb the corporate ladder.’ After a few bad bosses, economic implications outside of her control and a series of trade-offs as a result of choosing a partner, she found herself mourning the loss of her career goals while simultaneously celebrating the achievement of an MBA and the joy of a new marriage. That’s when she met Trish and learned about the concepts and frameworks that would become voQuestt.

Dr. Lisa Jones Christensen, Advisor

After launching her career in Silicon Valley, Lisa made a huge pivot geographically and professionally when she went on to earn her Ph.D. at UNC Chapel Hill. Coaching others towards achievement has always been in her DNA. She advises voQuestt using her behavioral science research and coaching training.

If you always always wanted to be a (fill in the blank) but your life took you in different directions, voQuestt can help you leverage those life experiences to create a personal path to value.

To discover how voQuestt can help you, take our brief survey or download our worksheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

About voQuestt

What is a “Personal Path to Value”?

The path where you know with certainty that your talents, goals, priorities, and necessary compromises integrate in such a way that you provide optimal value to yourself and to other stakeholders, like your community, organization, team, family or colleagues. “Value” can be realized through a superior work product, a clear sense of purpose, a piece of art, an ability to say “no” to projects or investments not on your path,. Once you find your personal path, you feel less conflicted, less confused, and able to avoid distractions and decisions that may be ‘self-sabotaging,’ . We typically help people advance life, growth, career, or legacy goals, where “value” may translate to paid or unpaid work. The voQuestt programs are flexible enough to help you optimize many different kinds of value- including financial, non-financial, individual, organizational and more.

Who is voQuestt for?

voQuestt was designed for any person who wants to make the most of their time and talents. Members of the voQuestt community seek to make better decisions and set useful priorities in all areas of life: home, work, family, health, investments, ventures, and projects). voQuestt is particularly useful for people who face multiple and competing priorities, yet who must take control and move forward in a way that creates financial and personal value. Many users want to step back from being reactive and reject a life of short-term planning. They welcome our guided and data-driven process to create a personal “path to value.” Whether you seek tools to begin an ambitious venture, you want to make better career or retirement decisions , or you need the tools to lead others with clarity and confidence, voQuestt is for you.

Questter? What is that?

Individuals join voQuestt programs and engage with our materials and coaching at all stages of life. Questters are those people who understand that their life needs a strategy. They are willing to make thoughtful tradeoffs to achieve important goals. They embrace data and analysis as a means to better understanding why they’ve made certain decisions in the past. Questters are curious, candid, open to new ideas. We encourage you to become our newest Questter!

About the Program

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. We strive to ensure every Questter is fully satisfied with their experience and the value they realized. If your experience yields any less than full satisfaction, please contact us so we can make it right.

What is included in the Pathbuilder 12 week program?

You get 8 high value content modules (1 per week), plus a set of coaching options. Every third week provides a built-in pause from guided instruction to reflect, integrate and apply program insights.  Those weeks are a time for reflection, experimentation, peer dialogue and coaching. we integrate the coaching and guided reflection. The program is a rich source of  guided instruction , applied exercises, and personal challenges. 

What if I am a private person? Do I have to share anything with the group during the session?

We will never force anyone to respond. Simply put, this is your time to experience and engage as you see fit. There will be open questions and opportunities to share in a safe and supportive environment, but you are never required to respond. Many people appreciate hearing others’s stories and we offer a variety of 1:1, small group, off-line, and individual opportunities to explore the materials. We find that as trust and confidence builds, we hear from everyone; with some people demonstrating a higher comfort level than others in their real-time participation.